What is simple – should not be complex

Oysters and Wine — it is what honest food is all about

The essence of wine is defined by its terroir — a French term that simply means “a sense of place.” One sip is enough to determine the wine’s origin, be that Italian, French or South African. Terroir refers to how a particular region’s climate, soils and terrain determine and affect the makeup of each and every wine. Whether the grapes are cultivated in the mountains or by the ocean, their unique terroir characteristics will be imparted into the grapes. No two vineyards have the same combination of these factors, making the taste unique to a particular winemaker.

The same philosophy applies to the world of oysters. Each oyster is as unique as the characteristics of its shell and meat flavour, which is influenced by its own “merroir” such as site location, waters, climates and seasons.

Oysters lead to discussion, contemplation and sensual delight. They excite the palate and the mind. With their distinctive taste and chewy texture, Oysters are nature’s shelled sea gems.

South Africa boasts some of the most diverse landscapes in the world and its natural splendour sets it apart. South Africa has it all: Indian and Atlantic oceans, forests, valleys, mountains, deserts, grasslands, coastlines and grassy Savannah’s.

‘Wine and Oysters” truly reflect this diversity and uniqueness found in nature. Real — not disguised by a master chef.

Our goal is to preserve food to the maximum and share its essence with our patrons. Not to change or revamp or “improve”, but simply to showcase what nature has to offer.

For this reason we prioritise sustainable and ethical suppliers over complex food processing techniques. Our mission is to bring you the taste of nature, to unlock and amplify the “terroir” that lives in every ingredient. 

The Royal Oyster Bar is a next generation restaurant — a brutal antonym to fine dining with a loud “NO!” to extravagances like mousses, vinaigrette’s, geleés… you name it. We are not here to deconstruct or molecules, but simply to emphasise exactly what nature has to offer.